Q: How can I be featured on The Soap Box website?

A: Follow us on Instagram and tag us in your written work and use the hashtag #thesoapboxcommunity. Once a week we will share a poem by a featured writer. If you don't use Instagram, send us an email

Q: What is the Open Call for?

A: The Soap Box is a print publication. The current open call is for our third chapbook to be publishing in the fall of 2018.

Q: Is there a theme for this CHAPBOOK?

A: No. Although we don't provide a theme for you, we do recommend that your manuscript has one.

Q: How long can my submissions be?

A: No longer than 30 pages, one poem per page.

Q: How many submissions can I send in? 

A: As many as you like, just keep in mind that every submission requires a $15 submission fee.

Q: How will I know if my work has been selected for publication?

A: You will be notified through email. 

Q: Will all submissions be published?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high volume of work sent in, not all submissions will be published. However, there will be more open calls to come, so keep sending us your writing! 

Q: Is there compensation for submitting written work?

A: The author of the selected chapbook receives royalties.

Q: How can I get a copy of The Soap Box? 

A: Visit our online store! Or pick up a copy at Knife Fork Book in Toronto's Kensington Market, or at Page and Panel at the Toronto Reference Library.