Announcing the Voices from the 11th Floor Read-A-Long!

Hello readers! We are so excited to be announcing the start of our first ever Read-A-Thon! We will be spending all of March reading Voices from the 11th Floor, an anthology of works from the 11th Floor Writers including personal essays, poems, short stories and novel extracts.

If you’d like to participate, just have your copy of the book ready and try to read along with us according to the schedule below! If you don’t have your copy yet, we are offering 30% off the book! Just enter the code “READWITHUS” at check-out. Click here to purchase your copy.

Here is our reading schedule:

March 1 - March 7: Read from Performances by Ann Y.K. Choi to Learning to Ride by Patrick Mahoney (pg 12 - 33)

March 8 - March 15: Read L’il Arthur by Andrew Fruman to Saturday Night by Maureen Lynch (pg 34 - 53)

March 16 - March 21: Read What Lies Within Us by M.B. Russell to Summer Camp by Charlotte Owen (pg 54 - 87)

March 22 - March 29: Read Necromancers by Chee Yan Young to end (pg 88 - 116)

Check back at the start of each week for a dedicated post to discussions for each week as well as some questions. You’d also have the chance to ask the writers some questions so make sure to jot down all your thoughts as you read!

We hope to see readers join us so please comment below if you’re thinking of joining!